vreau și eu o compunere în engleză despre profesorul ideal va rog e urgent

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The ideal teacher who is teaching profession algae first must love children, to prove the skill, talent, patience and abnegation in your chosen field. One student remains imprinted in her mind both physical and moral portrait of a beloved and esteemed professor, he knows their human warmth approaching those around him. As beafor, the teacher described in Sadoveanu ,, "Mister Rose" as now, a teacher does not give innate forgotten for generations due respect for the profession. Geniuses are born at the school where he teaches he who gives himself, with the results bright minds of students not he will be forgotten and knowledge gained from this will help them in life. from my point of view the ideal teacher is reflected in every teacher.In fifth grade homeroom teacher I had as a lady teacher of Romanian and put us to do an essay on the theme of the first steps in school ,, ".After my description schoolmistress seemed an angel blond with blue eyes, sweet voice that anointed me to the heart, which made Ms. homeroom.She her laugh was the exact opposite physical description: black eyes,black hair, imposing voice which led to my inhibiting a class teacher Mrs time.But had a secret: patience. Proving much skill and prowess took me from my sphere of emotional child in a mouse ,, "talkative and master the he.Dance pamper us when we all gather around her as they mouse library. Many memories I have about my school general are still nostalgic now after those times when there is that melding between the student teacher, child and mother ,, soul ".So ​​much I loved the lady that was for me the second mama.Si now when I meet with her pass me shivers of joy that I had such a teacher, a man above all.

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