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I like very much sport courts.It is a very good sport and you relaxiaza in difficult times (stressful).Who practice this is unlikely to play me so saneasca with football or games are risky for health. tradus: Mie imi place foarte mult sportul tenis.Este un sport foarte bun si te relaxiaza in momentele grele (stresante).Cine practica acest joc nu are sanse sa me saneasca asa cu sunt la fotbal sau ale jocuri riscante pt sanatate. CORONITA TE ROOOOG


Football is my favourite sport. It is based on team sports that involve kicking a ball to score a goal. You start with 2 people in the same team in the middle of the field. When the referee counts down he blows the whistle and the match starts.  It is fun game and all should try it out!

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