Un referat despre tehnologie . Ma poate ajuta cineva si pe mine ? :)

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Some people consider the Internet as addictive as gambling or alcohol. Others think that it is the best way to interpersonal communication. What do you think? Bring arguments to support your opinion. Nowadays we have an instrument that helps us reduce substantial the time reserved searching in a specially domain. The Internet, or Global International Network, because that’s what are we talking, had entered quickly a safely in our life so the majority it prefers now, instead a visit to the library. “To use or not to use it”? That is the question. The Internet may be a vice or a necessity?  First of all, I think is important to point that this way to communicate is used by more than a half of youth but not barely. Throw the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, the work of business men is considerably facilitated because they have the possibility – if they possess a digital video camera, a microphone, a computer and an Internet connection - of making video lectures with their partners. 

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