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Back in 1688 John Putnam, a very influential man from Salem invited Samuel Parris to preach in their town. The priest arrived, accompanied by his wife, his 6 year old daughter Betty, and his niece Abigail and her servant Tituba. In spring of 1692, Betty became ill and started behaving oddly: she would scream as if someone stung her with invisible needles or cut her, she heard voices, crawled under the furniture and mumbled weird noises. After an investigation, doctor William Griggs decided that the infant's illness was caused by a supernatural force. Not long after that, other girls from the village began showing the same symptoms as the ones described in little Betty. Scientists today tried to explain the young women's  symptoms based on stories and descriptions from documents and diagnose them in accordance with today's medical principles - they assumed the girls tried to draw attention upon themselves because they were feeling neglected or they were jealous on their parents' affection being directed towards someone else. Also, other explanations include hysteria or other mental illnesses. Another hypothesis is that these symptoms may be caused by indigestion because of contaminated rice.

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