o compunere in egleza despre un caine si sa scriem cum neam jucat cu el va roooog dau coroana

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Bingo is my dog. His fur is brown and white, it has a long tail and a red collar around its neck. Bingo likes to bring me every stick he finds and he likes to run after squirrels. One day, when we were playing in the park, it saw a brown little squirrel climbing a tree. Suddenly, he looked to the tree and ran quickly towards it, barking at the same time. When we looked closer, it wasn't a squirrel, but a little fluffy cat! After a few minutes we managed to take the cat off the tree and we took it home. At first, Bingo didn't like it but then he got used to it and started to treat the cat like any other dog. All the time they are playing! Bingo likes to jump pver the little cat, while, it tries to climb over Bingo. They are so cute!

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