Faceti-mi si mi-e 10 propozitii cu Present Continuous as future Multumesc anticipat!!

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1. I am going to let you know if I come to visit you. 2. She is going to buy a new house. 3. My father is going to see my teacher. 4. Is he going to become a doctor? 5. Are they going to sell their car? 6. Am I going to watch a movie? 7. We aren't going to play tennis. 8. She isn't going to phone me. 9. I am not going to change my schedule. 10. You aren't going to meet her.


we are going to party all night long we are going to do the exercise we are going to how to USA we aren't going to celebrate Halloween My friend will not be going at the supermarket In ten minutes Î'll be calling my mother Î won't be going by car Î will be reading this story Î won't be driving this ugly car Î won't be doing this again

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