Am nevoie de o scrisoare in engleza...trebuie sa fie adresata unui prieten...trebuie sa ii dau sfaturi cum ar invata engleza mai usor. Multumesc:)

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Cont şters

Hello my friend! Today i decided to contact toy because you want to know how to learn english faster! Well lets get started! First of all i am going to send you a book named ,,HOW to Learn EnGlish"! Every day you should write an compose of 1-2 pages! If you dont know a word just contact me on this number: +0045368826. You can also just go to google and search,but i am sure that you will dont need because with this book i learnt a lot of new things. Make sure that you will repeat every day! Just make it for fun not for hard learning! Good luck and have fun! The book will arrive in your country tommorow! Byeee :)))

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