am nevoie de o compunere despre protectia mediului. Compunerea nu trebuie sa fie grea cu cuvinte lungi si necunoscute ci simpla si usoara. VA ROG SA MA AJUTATI. AM NEVOIE URGENT. VA IMPLOR. :******

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We are living times when we have to take a lot of measures to protect the environment, otherwise our children and grandchildren will not have a proper and and healthy place of living. As individuals we have to participate in those movements that create awareness of the various environmental issues. We have to learn how to use wisely our natural resources, so that pollution to be diminished; we have to learn how to prevent degradation of land, water, air and vegetation; we have to learn how to improve degraded areas. There are lots of organizations all over the Earth trying to build a healthier environment for ourselves and for our inheritors.

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