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Am nevoie de ia maine cer ajutor !!!

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                                                     Ex.2 I started my day with a ball cereals and a cup of tea.When I finnish my school I eat a salad, a soup and for night a little dessert.                                                                 Ex.3 1.b)for 2.a)starter 3.b)salad 4.a)soup 5.a)milk 6.a)meat 7.b)chips 8.a)dessert 9.b)cooked 10.b)better                                                        Ex.4 b.liver bdessert c.butter b.bell pepper c.peanut                                                   Ex.5 d.minced c.beef b.soup c.tuna                                                     Ex.6 a.I usually have dinner at kichen b.I start with soup c.Then I eat salad d.For dinner, I usually drink a cup of green tea. e.I usually have dinner with cereals f.After dinner I go to sleep. Sper ca te-am ajutat scuza inainte dar n-am avut wi-fi petru 10 minute.

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