Am nevoie de 10propozitii in engleza 5 cu PRESENT CONTINUOUS si 5 cu PRESENT SIMPLE D-AU COROANA

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-present continuous 1- I'm playing tennis 2-you aren't swimming in the pool 3- she is walking in the park now 4-we are going to a party they aren't talking now 6-I'm skating now 7-Are we eating ice cream now? 8- they are crying 9- I am having a bath 10-why are you shouting ? present simple 1- I play tennis in week ends 2-you never swim in the pool 3- she  walks in the park now every day 4-we go to a party every Saturday 5-they talk with their parents every evening 6-I skate in winter 7-Do we usually eat ice cream ? 8- they cry because they are sad 9- I  have a bath in the evening 10-she shouts at me every time

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