30 de propozitii in engleza cu present tense simple....va rog!!

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I like cakes. You always do homework in the evening. He plays with the ball. She has a cat. It can't play with this doll. Like you school? We usually have parties on saturdays. You don't have a blouse like that. They like chickens. Si chestii in gen.


1. I speak English. 2. She does not play tennis. 3. I play tennis. 4. Do you speak English? 5. You do not speak English. 6. Bill jogs every day. 7. Bill never jogs. 8. Does Bill jog on Sundays? 9. Jane works hard. 10. Jane doesn't work hard at all! 11. Jim builds houses for a living. 12. What does Jim do for a living? 13. They play basketball every Sunday. 14. At what time do you usually eat dinner? 15. London is in England. 16. London is not in France. 17. You can't live without water. 18. Can you live without water? 19. Sarah is a good girl. 20. When does it start snowing? 21. I speak French. 22. I don't speak Japanese. 23. He drinks tea at breakfast. 24. She only eats fish. 25. They watch television regularly. 26. We catch the bus every morning. 27. It rains every afternoon in the hot season. 28. They drive to Monaco every summer. 29. His mother arrives tomorrow. 30. Our holiday starts on the 26th March. Sper că te ajută...Baftă.

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