10 propozitii cu present simple si 10 propozitii cu ora in engleza .

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Present simple: 1) I eat an apple every day. 2) We don't go to school on Sunday or Saturday. 3) Sarah has a little dog. 4) Kevin does his homework in the morning. 5) Do you love summer? 6) Harry works as a waiter. 7) Does he visit his grandma every week? 8) Mark sings every time. 9) Andra likes winter. 10) I hate you. Cu timpul: 1) What's the time, Mister Wolf? 2) It's half past one. 3)It's nine o'clock!I'm late! 4)What's the time? 5)It's quater to ten a.m. 6)We must sleep 'couse it's five past nightp.m. 7)Look! It's ten to seven! 8)Tell me what's the time, please 9) It is eighteen past eight a.m. 10) Wake up! It's 8 o'clock.  


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