ME AJUDEM GENTE POR FAVOR Escrever 20 frases com 1 verbo em cada uma, a frase tem que estar no presente, tem que conter lugar, quem, quando (em inglês e português)

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1- I am at home now. 2- She is at the club at the moment. 3- Isis is at school at this minute. 4- Luise are here now. 5- Kath are at their parent's house at this hour. 6- Paul are at my grandmother's house with me this week. 7- Joanna eats hot dog at my house every week. 8- Minna does her math homework in her bedroom everyday. 9- Lais is at the mall with her cousins now. 10- She lives in Orlando now. 11- I go to school every morning and I wteork every af

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