Complete with present perfect using the regular verbs: A) She______(play) soccer. B) I________(finish) the exercise. C) You_______(walk) on the street. D) We________(wash) the dishes. E) Kin_________(study) more. F) He_________(arrive) lately. G) They_______(play) the piano. H) You________(watch) a Tv. Make a negative and interrogative sentences using the 1 question: Ex: She has arrived lately. Neg: She hasn't arrived lately. Int: Has she arrived lately ?

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Has played Have finished Have walked Have washed Has studied Has arrived Have played Have watched ————————————— She hasn't played soccer Has she played soccer? I haven't finished the exercise Have I finished the exercise? You haven't walked on the street Have you walked on the street? We haven't washed the dishes Have we washed the dishes? Kim hasn't studied more Has Kim studied more? He hasn't arrived lately Has he arrived lately? They haven't played the piano Have they played the piano? You haven't watched a tv Have you watched a tv?

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