Complete as frases com os indefinidos much,little,many, few,a lot of de acordo com as indicações: A)Mary spends____time cleaning the house. (Muito) B)I don't have_____time. (Muito) C)Do foi have_____time ro sleep? (Muito) D)Dr. Brian is a famous doctor.He has_____patients. (Muito) E)Se have_____time to finish the work. (Pouco) F)She has_____patience with me. (Pouco) G)They have_____opportunities. (Poucas) H)_____people know my secret. (Poucas) I)There are_____factores um my town,so there isn't_____pollution. (Poucas,muitas) J)I have_____money,so.I can't buy your car. (Pouco)

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a) a lot of b) much c) much d) many e) a little g) few h) few i) few /// much j) little

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