30 frases usando o verbo there to be no presente

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1) There is light. 2) There are good people. 3) There is a spider in the garden. 4) There are stars in the sky. 5) There is cream in my coffee. 6) There are errors in these texts. 7) There are teachers in the school. 8) There are soldiers in the war. 9) There are nurses in the hospital. 10) There are books in the library. 11) There is a fly on the window. 12) There is a notebook on your desk. 13) There is a TV show on TV. 14) There are doors in a house. 15) There are children in the kindergarden. 16) There are students in the university. 17) Where there is smoke, there´s a fire. 18) There is water in the swimming pool. 19) There´s a princess in the castle. 20) There´sa dragon in the castle. 21) There´s money in the bank. 22) There is jewelery in the safe. 23) There are jewels in the safe. 24) There are clothes in the closet. 25) There´s a wallet in my purse. 26) There isn´t a bomb in the train station.  27) There´s nothing wrong with him. 28) There aren´t any people in the party anymore: they´ve all left. 29) There aren´t many animals in that region. 30) There´s a storm coming.

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