10 frases com pronomes adjetivos em inglês!

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she loves her father  we invite their parents to have lunch  they write many letter to you  I read my book everyday  It shows its knowlege  our table is also hers  This books is mine it´not theirs  the money is yours not ours


 ANY:  anyone can do it  I do anything for you  I like anything that's tasty  anything you do will not make me change  any of these phrases is easy  anyone playing football  I like pizza, any flavor  it happens to anyone  anything can happen  I like any person  SOME:  someone lend me a pencil?  I like someone you know  you saw someone on here?  you know some beautiful place to travel?  I want something  I want someone here with me  someone talk to me?  some of you want to be my friend?  someone is there?  I'll talk to someone before going elsewhere.  NO:  I do not like you  not talk to me  I'm not happy  I do not like sushi  I do not like watching TV  do not say that  I always say no to drugs  is not the right word  I do not like writing  I do not want to eat now

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