1-Choose one of the underlined words to complete the sentences: A- Sam liked school Because/ although/if/ he had Many friends there. B- Sam left school so/but/and he joined the navy. C- He hadn't traveler much but/before/after he joined the navy. D- Sam was seasick when/if/só he left the navy. E- He got a job in a bank because/although/and he had no qualifications. F- He Will stay at the bank when/if/through he likes it there. Preciso para hoje!

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A)Sam liked school BECAUSE he had Many friends there B) Sam left school AND he joined the navy.  C)He hadn't traveler much BEFORE he joined the navy. D)Sam was seasick SO he left the navy. E)He got a job in a bank ALTHOUGH he had no qualifications.  F)  He Will stay at the bank IF he likes it there.

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