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Uzupełnij tekst podanymi czasownikami w czasie present simple lub present continuous. Young people in the USA (1) __use__ (use) a lot of technology! About 85% of teens (2) _____ (have) mobile phones and for most teens, it is their favourite technology. Nearly 40% (3) ____ (send) messages to friends every day. That means that million of American teenagers (4) ____ (send) messages now! Teens don't just text or talk on their phones - 83% of them (5) ____ (take) photos with their phones and 60% (6) ____ (play) music on their phones. Jake is thirteen years old and like many teens, he's got a phone. 'I (7) ____ (use) it a lot! I (8) ____ (not use) it now because I'm in class, but after class I'm going to send a text to my best friend'. Proszę o szybką pomoc! Daję naj! (Nie ma po co dawać odp w stylu ,,fneifbeiu" dla punktów , bo i tak są automatycznie zgłaszane i usuwane.)

(1) Odpowiedź

1:Use 2:Have 3:Send 4;Sends 5:Take 6:Play 7:Use 8:DON'T use Myślę za pomoglam

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