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Read this report of questions asked by a foreign student who is coming to study in Poland. Write the original questions. First she asked me if the climate was hot or cold and if it rained a lot. Then she wanted to know if she could bring her cat with her across the border and what means of transport was best for coming here. She also asked how much money she needed per month and if she would be allowed to work legally. She asked if we had had many exchange students before and where they had lived. Finally she wondered if the food was different from Spanish food.

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Is a climate in Poland hot or cold?  Does it rain a lot in Poland?  Can I bring my cat with me across the border?  What means of transport are the best for coming to Poland?  How much money do I need per month? Will I be able to work legally?  Have you had many exchange students before?  Where did they live?  Is Polish food different from Spanish food?

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