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potrzebuje opis niedzielnego obiadu.Kto jest na obiedzie czy podstawowa rodzina, o której jest obiad, gdzie jemy, co jemy (z ilu dań) jakie dania + jeszcze 5 zdan od siebie

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This weekend i am having a family dinner at my house, only my closest family usually comes to the dinner. At the dinner there is going to be 8 people, my mom and dad, my sister, my aunt and uncle, and 2 of my cousins. the dinner most likely is going to be at 1 pm. the dinner is going to have 3 parts. the first part is the soup, the second part is the main meal and finally deseart. the thing i like the most about family dinners is that i get to see my cousins. also, my aunt always brings the best apple pie to the dinner. this family dinner is extra special cause this weekend is my birthday. so i hope i get  a lot of presents. also, i hope that the whether is going to be nice so me and my cousins can play football outside. that is all about my family dinner.

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