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London is one of the biggeest and the most interesting cities in Europe. During holidays many tourist from all over the world come to London. London is situated on the Thames. It's a capital od England. The places tourist always want to visit are the Houses of Parliament and famous clock "Big Ben".  Very close to the Houses of Parlament is Westministrer Abbey where manykings and queens, poets and other outstanding person are buried. Tower Bridge and the Tower of London are aslo worth seeing, as well as one of the biggest cathedral in the world - St. Paul's Cathedral. Buckingham Palace where the Queen and her family live is aslo a great attraction for visitors. There are many museums in London, one of the most interesting is the Madame Tussaus's where you can see wax figures of politicians, film stars, kings and queens and other famous person. Tourists aslo visit its Eros statue and Trafalgar Square with its Column of Nelson and to Hyde Park, Oxford Street and Soho. There are many others palaces to see in London, so it is impossible to see everything in one day or even one week.

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