Aide moi svp il faut écrire une histoire au prétérit avec des mots de peur 6 lignes vous pouvez commence par the last night i was watching tv the most violent strom broke out ou at about 11 svp aide moi il faut quelque chose de petit au preterit avec des mots comme haunted,gripping,........etc en anglais

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last night i was watching with my lovely father a film that  was talking about World war 2 , Suddenly a violent storm broke out. i was very scary when my dad ask me to go to the shelter When  the storm made to our house my dad stayed at the house looking for my brother i was crying that something gonna happen to my familly so as when the storm  start comming to our house  closer and closer finally when Miracle just happen when the storm Disappeared . from that day i've start having a bad nightmear that repeat  again and again 

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