Una receta de cocina en ingles porfaa ;)

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Cold tuna cannelloni  Servings: 4  Preparation time: 45 minutes  Ingredients:  - 2 packages of pasta  - 3 cans of tuna  - 1 can of stuffed olives  - 1 can of red peppers  - 3 hard boiled eggs  - 1 / 2 can of tomato sauce  - 1 cup mayonnaise  - 2 tablespoons milk  Preparation:  Prepare the cannelloni (by brand) make a paste with the ingredients, leaving some olives, 1 egg Yunos pepper strips for garnish. Complete and place in a bowl. Lowering the mayonnaise with the milk, beating well and pour over. Decorate and put in refrigerator until serving time.  En español  Canelones fríos de atún  Comensales: 4  Tiempo de preparación: 45 minutos  Ingredientes:  - 2 paquetes de pasta  - 3 latas de atún  - 1 lata de aceitunas rellenas  - 1 lata de pimientos rojos  - 3 huevos duros  - 1/2 bote de tomate frito  - 1 taza de mayonesa  - 2 cucharadas de leche  Preparación: Preparar los canelones(según marca) hacer una pasta con todos los ingredientes dejando unas aceitunas, 1 huevo yunos tiras de pimiento para adornar. Rellenar y colocar en una fuente. Rebajar la mayonesa con la leche batiendo bien y verter por encima. Adornar y meter en la nevera hasta el momento de servirlos. Ojala te sirva ^-^ Y porfa, ponme de mejor respuesta :3 Gracias.!


ingredients A slice of provolone cheese A large not very ripe tomato dried basil oregano Extra virgin olive oil Hands If many times you find yourself before a meal with family or friends, and do not know that snacks surprise , today our friend Conchi Garcia brings his easy recipe Provolone Baked Tomato, you can prepare just before eating , since it will not take more than 10 minutes , and that will succeed for sure. A snack with a hot , creamy and full flavored cheese that will delight all your guests . Come with step by step Provolone cheese baked with tomato : 1.- We started putting preheat the oven ( about 5-10 minutes) to 200º while we prepare the cheese. 2.- Cut the tomato into thin slices , and place in the bottom of an ovenproof container and placed just above provolone cheese . 3.- In a small cup , we take 2 fingers olive oil , along with some dried basil and oregano. Stir well , and add it above the provolone cheese. 4.- We put in the oven at 200º with grill set for 5 minutes, always watching because every oven is different. When we see that our cheese is slightly melted provolone and not melted, is the ideal time out of the oven , let a couple of minutes temple , and enjoy easy , quick and delicious snack.

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