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When, se usa cuando una acción se vio interrumpida.  While, se usa para indicar que mientras haces una acción otra persona esta realizando otra al mismo tiempo.  Oraciones con When y While: - I was in the school when my mother called. - When is your birthday? - When was the last time you see it? - They were dancing when the car stopped. - She looked happier when she was with Nathan. - When is the date of their wedding? - You were studying when the show started. - He was doing the dinner when the phone rang. - Kate was in home, when Ed arrived. - You weren´t listening to me when I was speaking.- Is there anything you want to do while you’re here? - Mary was shopping while Richard was having a shower. - He was doing his homework while he was watching the tv. - My father was cleaning the bathroom while my mother was cleaning the table. - I did this while she did that. - They were playing basketball while we were reading. - Kevin was listening to music while his sister was singing. - While I was walking to school, it started to rain.  - It isn´t a good idea make noise while we are sleeping. - She worked a lot for it while you didn´t. - You were running while I was walking. - You can clean the living room while I wash the dishes.  - While I was eating lunch, the phone rang.  - She arrived while I was sleeping.   

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