Necesito 10 oraciones en ingles con watch tv con has have.

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We have watched tv all the night. You has eaten cake She has gone to the party. You have written a book  I have a sweet dream  He has sung his favorite song. They have bought a pizza We have gone to class  I have cooked cookies You have slept all the day.


1.He watches tv in the morning»»»»»»2. She watches tv at night»»»3. I watch tv in my house.»»»»»»4. They watch tv always. »»»5» you watch tv in the chair .»»»« 6.Kevin has a book»»»»7. I have three tomatoes.»»»»8 . They have class this Friday.»«»»«9..she has a pen.»»»»» 10 .Maria has one boyfriend.

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