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1)I play tennis She writes a letter. She doesn´t speak english. Do they eat a sandwich?    I don't wanna go to the school 2.- They don't have enough experience 3.- He doesn't like her 4.- it doesn't matter 5.- She doesn't like swimming 6.- You don't know what i want 7.- I don't care anything 8.- I don't know what i need to do 9.- We don't listen music 10.- They don't have money 1.- I can eat everything 2.- you are great! 3.- I miss you... 4.- I hope you be fine 5.- I wish you good luck 6.- you are my best friend 7.- She is my girl friend 8.- They are cute 9.- She is beautiful! 10.- I love blond girls! 1.- Do you like me? 2.- Do they go to school? 3.- What do you do? 4.- Do you like swimming? 5.- Where do you go? 6.- Do we go the party? 7.- Where do they live? 8.- Do you want it? 9.- Do you love him? 10.- Do you enjoy it? The university has beautiful campus. Her sister speaks English very well. The letters are in English. The students are taking English lessons. The postman comes very late. The scholarships are for worthy students. Her scholarship is a good one. The doorbell is ringing. My sister in the United States. The university is very large The Institute of Education gives scholarships to worthy students. It rains a little now. It rains a great deal in the tropics. The bus always stops there. The bus stop at the corner now. We like this class. We study the present tense now. Now we begin to understand some English. This class begin at eight o'clock. I write a long letter now. I write many letters to her. We miss her very much. She has a good time now. Juan always have a good time. The doorbell rings now. The doorbell ring very often. Mr and Mrs. Palacio build a new house. She learns a great deal this year. She always wants to practice it. Juan speaks English very well.

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