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-10 oraciones en ingles con have en presente simple, positivo, negativo y interrogativo, (10 en total NO 10 de cada uno) -10 oraciones en ingles con there is y they are (igual que el anterior, positivo, negativo... etc

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I have money you have nice heardo you have money?I having a partty there you areis there my uncle?let's go there


con have 1 -I have a car. 2- She doen't have a dog. 3- Do you have a pencil? 4- Does he have a book? 5- She has a good sense of humor. 6- I don't have a computer. 7- I have a new cellphone. 8- Do you have a calculator? 9- We have the same math teacher. 10- They don't have classes in the morning. con there is/there are 1- Is there a supermarket next to the bookshop? 2- There are a lot of stores in my city. 3- There isn't a library in my town. 4- Are there many dogs in China? 5- There is a lot of pollution in Tokyo. 6- There aren't books in my school! 7- There isn't milk in my house. 8- Is there sugar in the supermarket? 9- There is a big mirror in my grandmother's house 10- There are a lot of cats in my neighbordhood.

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