Your car broke down and the final bill was 261.50 the part that was replaced cost 99 and the charge for the mechanics labor is 65 per hour write an inequality to model this situation then solve the equation for the number of hours the mechanic worked on your car

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Your inequality would be 261.50 less than or equal to 65x+ 99 now to solve this you would begin by isolating 65x you would do this by subtracting 99 on both sides. 162.50 less than or equal to 65x to get x alone [because thats what youre solving for] you need to divide by 65 on both sides. x= 2.5 Now you can check youre work 261.50 less than or equal to 65(2.5) + 99 youll get  261.50 less than or equal to 261.50

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