You have a problem. You have to make a presentation in class about your international friends. Explain what you would do to prepare your presentation in two to three French sentences. Be sure to use the conditional tense. You may copy and paste the accented characters from this list if needed:

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Je vais recevoir une chambre pour mes amis. Accédez à l'aéroport pour les accueillir et les accueillir. Finalement, je vais les montrer dans ma ville.


If you have to use the French  conditional tense , here are a few sentences: A leur arrivée, nous devrions les accueillir Puis nous devrions les accompagner dans leur logement Ensuite, le jour suivant,  je propose que nous fassions une grande fête de bienvenue All the French verbs are in French conditional tense except "propose" (present tense) At their arrival, we should welcome them Then, we should come with them (accompany) to their home Afterwards, the next day, I suggest we should do a big welcome party... Hope I helped !!

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