Yohanna is conditioning all summer to be fit for the next soccer season at his high school. He incorporated walking planks into his daily workout regime. Each day, he will complete 4 more walking planks than the day before. If he starts with 5 walking planks on the first day, how many walking planks will he do on the twelfth day?

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Let's make equations! *grunt* I know you hate it. But it's going to be helpful later on with hard problems. 5+4x=y, where x is the number of days and y is the total number of walking planks. Input 12 for x. 5 + 4 x 12 = y. (Notice we don't use parentheses for 4 x 12 because multiplication and division come first in the order of operations.) 5 + 48 = y. y = 53. He will have 53 walking planks done on the twelfth day. Keep walkin', Yohanna! There's many more walking planks to add! Keep it up!!

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