Write in slope-intercept form an equation of a line that passes through the point (8, 2) that is parallel to the graph of the equation y=4x−3

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If our line is parrallel to the graph of he equation y=4x-3, then it will have the same slope than this equation. slope-intercept form of any line: y=mx+b m=slope b=y-intercept In this line: y=4x-3 The slope would be "4", therefore our line will have the same slope, that is to say the slope will "4" Point-slope form of a line: we need a point (x₀,y₀) and the slope ("m"). y-y₀=m(x-x₀) We have the point (8,2) and the slope (m=4) , so y-y₀=m(x-x₀) y-2=4(x-8)    (point-slope form) y-2=4x-32 y=4x-32+2 y=4x-30    (slope-intercept form) Answer: y=4x-30 Other way: We have a point: (8,2) in this point: y=2 x=8 We know the slope (m=4) the slope-intercept form is: y=mx+b We have to find "b" 2=4(8)+b b=2-32 b=-30; Therefore, the slope-intercept form will be: y=4x-30 Answer: y=4x-30

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