Write an essay explaining the importance of getting to know people before forming an opinion about them.

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This introduces us to stereotypes, biases, prejudices and impression formation. There are many reasons why getting to know people before forming any opinions about them is important, significant and appealing. The primacy effect. First impressions never last. In most ways, it is important since people like us, makes assumptions based on what we see or perceive about a person. This extrinsic trait or characteristic of a person is the only observable and empirical idea that binds our belief about that individual and through this trait or elicited behavior (prejudice), we form beliefs thus we form our own stereotypes. Stereotype now, is a cognitive and mental action designed to think of people negatively but only in thoughts. These cognition or thinking leads us to either form negative behavior or total social negligence when the individual or subject is around, in most ways discrimination. The core principle of getting to know someone is validation, take note not all of our social evaluations (prejudice) and shaped beliefs (stereotypes) are true since most of them are out of conjecture. We ask the person, we get to know their own beliefs and perceptions and therefore, we can understand what the real root from this attitude or trait, a certain kind of personality caused by biology or sociology.

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