Write an equation if a line perpendicular to line AB below in slope intercept form that passes through the point 7,6

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*Hint: When a line is perpendicular to another line, it's slope would need to be the negative reciprocal of the other line. Looking at the picture you have provided, he slope of line AB is -4/2 or in other words -2. Now we need to find the slope of a line that would be perpendicular, which would mean the slope of this line would be 1/2. Once we have the slope, we just plug it in and plug in the ordered paired in order to get the y-intercept. y = mx + b 6 = 1/2 (7) + b 6 = 7/2 + b b = 2.5 Therefore, the final equation would be y = 1/2x + 2.5 Or in other words the answer would be A.


The answer is A y=0.5x + 2.5 in pretty sure. Good luck

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