Write a two-step equation involving division and addition that has a solution of x=25

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If this is what you mean..? In order to do this you would work backward from the answer. You have x = 25 and ant to include and addition. As we are working backwards, we use the opposite operation to addition - subtraction. We'll make it an easy number so we will subtract 15 to get to 10. So far it looks like 10 = 15 + x Now, to include  a division, we want to do the opposite again, multiplication. Pick any number to multiply 10 by - for this example we'll choose 7. 7 x 10 = 70 Now we can write out the equation - 70/7 + 15 = x No brackets are required as Division comes before addition in BIDMAS. An alternate choice would be to have x the other side of the '=' To do this, multiply x by a number of choice (for example 3) to make the divison section of the equation. This makes 75. This can be written as a fraction. 75/x = 3 Next, for the addition, whatever happens on one side, the exact same happens on the other. Pick any number to add on (e.g. 5) and re-write the equation. 75/x + 5 = 8 Sorry if this doesn't make perfect sense

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