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write a program in pascal to solve a quadratic equation

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program p1; var a,b,c,d : integer; {i presume you give integer numbers for the values of a, b, c }      x1, x2 : real; begin  write('a='); readln(a); write('b='); readln(b); write('c=');readln(c); d:=b*b - 4*a*c if a=0 then x1=x2= - c/b           else if d>0 then begin                   x1:=(-b+sqrt(d)) / (2*a);                  x2:=(-b - sqrt(d))/(2*a);                 end;           else if d=0 then x1=x2= - b /(2*a)                            else write ("no specific solution because d<0"); writeln('x1=', x1); writeln('x2=',x2); readln; end.

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