will the following quotient be positive or negative 32/8

(2) Answers

A quotient will be positive if both the values of the numerator and denominator have the same sign, where both are positive or both are negative. A quotient will be negative if numerator and denominator have opposite sign, where a positive is divided by a negative or vice versa. In 32/8, +32/+8, both the numerator and denominator have the same sign (both are positive) so the quotient will be positive.


the answer is positive because when you divide 2 of the same sign by each other, they are positive result, but when differenct, then negative result [latex] \frac{(+)}{(+)} =(+)[/latex] [latex] \frac{(-)}{(-)} =(+)[/latex] [latex] \frac{(+)}{(-)} =(-)[/latex] [latex] \frac{(-)}{(+)} =(-)[/latex] so since 32/8=[latex] \frac{(+)}{(+)}[/latex] the answer is + answer is positive

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