Why do we not have more information about the Indus Valley civilization? A. Most archaeologists and historians prefer to work on the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations. B. Only one ancient city in the Indus Valley has been discovered and explored. C. Archaeologists and historians have been unable to decipher any of the Indus Valley writing. D. The ancient peoples of the Indus Valley purposely obscured evidence of their existence.

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The Indus Valley Civilization (IVC), was an ancient civilization thriving along the lower Indus River and the Ghaggar River-Hakra River in what is now Pakistan and western India from the twenty-eighth century B.C.E. to the eighteenth century B.C.E. Another name for this civilization is the Harappan Civilization of the Indus Valley, in reference to its first excavated city of Harappa. The Indus Valley Civilization stands as one of the great early civilizations, alongside ancient Egypt and Sumerian Civilization, as a place where human settlements organized into cities, invented a system of writing and supported an advanced culture. Hinduismand the culture of the Indian people can be regarded as having roots in the life and practices of this civilization.

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