While stepping on the brake pedal of a car, the car slows from 35m/s to 15m/s in 7,5s. Assuming the acceleration is uniform. A) what's the velocity of the car after 3,0s b) what's the distance traveled in the first 3,0s

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ho so easy lol ummm yawn hmmm a= delta v/ delta t delta is change in stuff so v final - v initial is 20 in 7.5 so dividing it would be 2.66666666 but it would be negative since its negatively acceleration so -2.6666666 so and plug it in a=delta v/ delta t so its -2.66666666 = vf - 35/ 3 so hmm -7.999999999=vf-35 and approximately 27m/s

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