Which statement describes the Supreme Court case of Worcester v. Georgia? A. The court ruled that the Cherokee did not own the land, so President Andrew Jackson purchased it for them. B. President Andrew Jackson asked the court to protect the Cherokee land, but the court ruled against him. C. The court ruled that the land belonged to the Cherokee, but President Andrew Jackson refused to enforce the decision. D. The Cherokee lost their case in court and asked President Andrew Jackson for help in moving west of the Mississippi

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The best answer is C. Usually compared to lion, Andrew Jackson was a very controlling president and was usually compared to a king because of his actions. He vetoed more than the 6 presidents before him combined. A would imply that Jackson let the Native Americans have the land when he did not. B was the opposite of what really happened. C was somewhat close in that the Cherokee did lose the case( not originally but after Jackson repealed it) but they did not ask Jackson for help. He rather forced them out of the land in the Trail of Tears.

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