Which six of the following statements reflect angiosperm adaptations to life on land?

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It seems that you have missed the necessary options for us to answer this question, so I had to look for it. Anyway, here are the answers. The six statements that reflect angiosperm adaptations to life on land are the following:  *Fruits aid in the dispersal of seeds by wind or by animals that carry or eat the fruits. *Seeds protect and nourish plant embryos, and fruits protect the seeds. *Seeds enable plant embryos to be dispersed long distances from the parent plant via wind or animals. *In many angiosperms, the male gametophyte contained in a pollen grain can be transported many miles away by wind or animal pollinators. *Flowers attract animal pollinators carrying pollen from other plants of the same species. *Floral parts of the sporophyte protect the reduced female gametophyte from drying out and from UV radiation.

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