Which pronoun best completes the sentence? How is the pronoun used? Mom and Dad talked to my sister and ______. A.) I; direct object B.) me; direct object C.) I; object of preposition D.) me; object of preposition

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The answer is B. me; direct object. A little trick I use to solve problems like these is to remove the other people and say it in the way you'd say it if you were by yourself.  As an example, the sentence used in this problem would become "Mom and Dad talked to me." So, the answer to "Mom and dad talked to my sister and __." would be "me."


D,when you do stuff like that you see what makes more sense,for example Joanah and (me or I) went for a run. You take out the main thing (joanah) and you see what makes more sense,I went for a run or me went for a run, hope that helped

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