Which principle helps to explain the reason behind why alleles for a single trait separate from each other when gametes are made to ensure that each gamete only carries one allele? a. Incomplete dominance b. Segregation c. Dominance d. Independent assortment 9. If a cell is placed inside a solution that has a higher concentration of solute than on the inside of the cell, what can be said about the movement of water? a. Water will move in and out of the cell at the same rate. b. Water will move into the cell, causing it to swell. c. Water will move out of the cell, causing it to swell. d. Water will move out of the cell, causing it to shrivel.

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The answer is letter B. Segregation as Mendel hypothesized, is the process in which allele pairs randomly separate from each other during the production of gametes--- the egg and sperm. After the allele pairs are separated, both the egg and the sperm carries only one allele.The answer is letter B. Water will move into the cell causing it to swell. This process is called osmosis. The process in which solutions move into higher concentration into lower concentrations so that there will balance within the cell’s structure.

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