Which polynomial function f(x) has a leading coefficient of 1, root -4, 2, and 9 with multiplicity 1, and root -5 with multiplicity 3? A. f(x)=3(x+5)(x+4)(x-2)(x-9) B. f(x)=3(x-5)(x-4)(x+2)(x+9) C. f(x)=(x+5)(x+5)(x+4)(x-2)(x-9) D. f(x)=(x-5)(x-5)(x-4)(x+2)(x+9)

(1) Answers

So, here, take each root and create a factor that uses the opposite of the root number.   (x+4)(x-2)(x-9)(x+5)... but the x+5 factor is a mult. 3 so it is taken to the third power.  So the answer is not one of the options.  The answer should be (x+4)(x-2)(x-9)(x+5)(x+5)(x+5) = f(x)

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