Which parts of this passage from Beowulf indicate that the poem is about war and glory? Lo! the Spear-Danes’ glory through splendid achievements The folk-kings’ former fame we have heard of, How princes displayed then their prowess-in-battle. Oft Scyld the Scefing from scathers in numbers From many a people their mead-benches tore. Since first he found him friendless and wretched, The earl had had terror: comfort he got for it, Waxed ’neath the welkin, world-honor gained, Till all his neighbors o’er sea were compelled to Bow to his bidding and bring him their tribute: An excellent atheling! After was borne him A son and heir, young in his dwelling, Whom God-Father sent to solace the people. He had marked the misery malice had caused them

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Here is the answer. The parts of the given passage above from Boewulf that indicate that the poem is about war and glory are the following: Lo! the Spear-Danes’ glory through splendid achievements; How princes displayed then their prowess-in-battle; Waxed ’neath the welkin, world-honor gained. Hope this answers your question.

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