Which one of the following pieces of writing would you be most likely to believe as true? a. An advertisement you receive in the mail regarding the benefits of a memory pill b. An article on the greenhouse effect written by a Hollywood movie star c. A letter to the editor of a newspaper in which a citizen explains the dangerous condition of a public building d. An article on heart health written by a cardiologist

(1) Answers

The correct answer is d. An article on heart health written by a cardiologist. This question is asking you to identify credibility. You must ask yourself, is this author someone I can trust? Option a is incorrect, because there is no credibility in an advertisement. You know that the goal is to get you to buy something, which doesn't mean you're receiving the most accurate information. Option b is incorrect, because why would a Hollywood movie star have the credentials to discuss greenhouse effect? Finally, option c is incorrect because again, what gives this citizen the credentials to discuss the dangerous conditions. A cardiologist, on the other hand, specializes in hearts, so you know you can trust them.

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