Which of the following structures in the diagram is not haploid? A. female gametophyte B. pollen cone C. pollen D. zygote

(1) Answers

The best answer is D. A zygote is diploid rather than haploid. A zygote is a single diploid cell that is created when two haploid cells merge. A diploid cell is one that has two complete sets of chromosomes. A haploid cell is a cell which has a single set of chromosomes . In man, a zygote is formed when a sperm cell meets an egg or ovum. Both the sperm cell and the egg are haploid meaning each of them has a single set of chromosomes. The sperm cell has 23 chromosomes and the egg likewise has 23 . The zygote resulting from the merging of these two cells will have 46 chromosomes , the sum of two complete sets.

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