Which of the following statements is NOT true? Select one: a. Pulmonary arteries transport blood low in oxygen from the right ventricle to the lungs. b. Veins carry blood away from the heart. c. Capillaries form the connection between the arteries and veins.

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In human anatomy, it is the heart that pumps the blood so that it is distributed to throughout the body to provide oxygen and nutrients to the other organs. Hence, it passes different conduits. The largest conduits are the arteries which carries blood away from the heart. Pulmonary arteries, in particular, direct the blood from the heart's right ventricle towards the lungs. The smaller diameter conduits are the veins. Generally, the veins carry deoxygenated or used blood and bring it back to the heart. Exceptions to this is the pulmonary vein and umbilical vein. Finally, the capillaries are very small blood vessels that transport blood between the arteries and the veins.  From the choices, the false statement is letter B. Although this could be true for the pulmonary and umbilical vein, the majority of the veins still transport the blood back to the heart.

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