Which of the following events sparked the French and Indian War? A. a Spanish raid on Fort Smith B. disputed territory in the Ohio River Valley C. a change in alliance by American Indians D. the assassination of an American government official

(2) Answers

B. The disputed territory in the Ohio River Valley


A is wrong because the Spanish had virtually no direct involvement in the French and Indian War, which was mostly a British-French affair. C is wrong because, while various Indian tribes switched sides here and there, the most powerful Indian group (the Iroquois Confederacy) remained mostly consistent as British allies. In either case, a switch in Native alliances did not cause the war. D is wrong because no such assassination caused the war. The most direct cause was a dispute a Fort Necessity between Washington's troops and a group of French and Indian soldiers. That conflict was the result of disputed territory in the Ohio River Valley, which both armies had been deployed to defend. So your best answer is B.

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