Which description is correct for the polynomial −5x2−3x+3 ? 1)quartic binomial 2)cubic binomial 3)quadratic binomial 4)quadratic trinomial Which description is correct for the polynomial −5x3−4x+1 ? 1)cubic monomial 2)cubic binomial 3)cubic trinomial 4)quadratic trinomial What is the degree of the polynomial 3xy^2z−2z^5+2/3y^2z^4 ? 1)2 2)4 3)5 4)6

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The degree of a polynomial is the highest power of its terms. In the polynomial [latex]-5x^2 - 3x + 3[/latex], the degree of the polynomial is 2. There is also a name to each degree of a polynomial: Degree 0 – constant Degree 1 – linear Degree 2 – quadratic Degree 3 – cubic Degree 4 – quartic Degree 5 – quintic You will probably not deal with polynomials after a degree of 5, but they will usually be called an nth-degree polynomial (e.g., 10th degree polynomial). You can further classify polynomials according to the number of terms. 1 term: monomial (techinically not a polynomial as a polynomial consists of 2 or more monomials) 2 terms: binomial 3 terms: trinomial After 3 terms, the polynomial is called a polynomial of n terms (e.g., polynomial of 4 terms). So for the polynomial [latex]-5x^3 - 4x + 1[/latex], its highest power is 3, so its degree is 3. It also has 3 terms, making it a cubic trinomial.

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